New model ALPHA


Manual machine, performing disgorging (ice disgorging or “à la volée”),  liquor dispensing and refilling operations of bottles (37,5 cl. 75 cl., 150 cl. and specials) for a production up to 150 b./h.

Disgorging station to work with neck freezer or "à la voleé"

Support to place the bottle in position for the liquor dosing and refilling operations.

Manual control to make the liquor dosing.

Liquor dosing system equipped with a degasing valve to guarantee a perfect dosing level in every bottle.

Liquor measure adjustable between 0 and 6 cl. with a system enabling to control the speed of liquor dosing into the bottle.

Manual control to make the refilling operation with indication of the level.

Support to place a bottle which will be used as a deposit for the refilling operation. Adjustable for different formats of bottles.

2- liters liquor deposit with regulator for its pressurization.

Chassis entirely made of stainless steel.

The machine can be built from left to right or from right to left according to the client requirements.